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St. John de la Salle is committed to making a quality education accessible to everyone. Our tuition does not cover the entire cost to educate a child -- the financial "gap" is filled by annual fundraisers and generous gifts from the parish, alumni, and partner organizations. 


Tuition payments must be made through Smart Tuition Management and are due by the 10th of each month. 

Payments posted on or after the 21st are considered late and a late fee ($50.00) will be assessed.

We understand that not every family has the means to pay full tuition.


With the help of generous supporters, we are able to offer scholarships to those families in need of  assistance. 

Scholarships and financial aid will be determined after assessing the level of need and resources available. 

Archdiocese of Chicago

St. John de la Salle is part of the Archdiocese of Chicago. The Archdiocese works with schools to offer a variety of scholarships and financial aid options to help make them affordable and accessible for all those who wish to attend. The Archdiocese of Chicago and the Office of Catholic Schools provide financial assistance to families through different programs. Please contact the school to see what scholarships are currently available.

Big Shoulders Fund

Big Shoulders Fund is proud to partner with St. John de la Salle. BSF has been providing scholarships to Chicago students since 1987. BSF provides more than 60 different types of scholarships that vary in duration and amount awarded — it all depends on the scholarship. Please contact the school to see what scholarship is available for your family.

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